donderdag 17 november 2011



 Nono muaks is proud to present the Glambots, a collection of 7 different robots.
The Glambots are inspired by different cultural languages of the present and the past together in one unique design, they express the rock ‘n roll in our life and the screaming girls on the side!
The Glambots are made out of felt a chic flexible material that bends but never breaks and they are easy to assemble. Glambots could be used as a penholder or as a great toy for to have fun with.

find more info on: glambots - nono muaks 


The [yeah yeah] in all of us wakes up! Your body starts to speak loudly.
It's a well known feeling, a go-go time,  Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity REorder.
Don't stop yourself! Please continue, feel the smiles around you getting thirsty.
Just give a little more, will you! Saturated basses triggering our brain objectivity.
Now the CLIMAX is almost there! Go solo, run wild, jumping minds, screaming girls.
Hormones start to freak out, miauw!  can't stop, can't stop ~~ Ooooooh Yeaaaaaah


Kick eyes glasses

Check out the Kick Eyes Glasses 

Nono muaks is proud to present their latest novelty “KICK EYES GLASSES”.
Kick Eyes is a concept that like to play with your view on life.
Strike a pose, get the looks, tease your eyes and show the magic!
Kick Eyes glasses have no lenses. In their place are laser-cut shapes, they're made of felt, a chic wonder material that bends but never breaks. Kickeyes is inspired by the pirate eyepatch and 80’s electro dicso and all what your eyes have to express and be sure it has a lot to express. We like sunglasses, but love party glasses. Kick Eyes glasses works as a mask, a way express yourself in a different way, ideal for a party or a funny photoshoot. How better to show your party spirit with Kick Eyes glasses!
We launched Collection I, but we are experimenting with new shapes. Today we have Kick Eyes Glasses in stores in Berlin, New York, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Brussels, Singapore, Lille, Los Angeles, and many more to come.

Enjoy our point of view on live!