zondag 22 juli 2012

Dog carpet / Rug - Mi perro Andaluz

 Detail - Dog Carpet/rug - Mi perro Andaluz

Tribute to the great movie 'Un perro Andaluz' of surrealistic artist Luis Buñuel
The dog sleeps everywhere at you door, bed, sofa ... you name it!

Dog Carpet/rug - Mi perro Andaluz

 Detail - Dog Carpet/rug - Mi perro Andaluz

 Detail - Dog Carpet/rug - Mi perro Andaluz

 In your bedroom -  Dog Carpet/rug - Mi perro Andaluz

 Buy here: 'Mi perro Andaluz'

design by 'Nono Muaks'

donderdag 12 juli 2012

GAGA style Nipple monster T-shirt

Chanel - nipple monster tee, for the stylish fashionsitas under us! 

Nono Muaks is proud to present Nipple monster. A T-shirt with an attitude! How better to express your lovely nipples with a Nipple Monster tshirt. A GAGA remix on what we all love. The concept based on a fetish sexy nipple cover mixed with contempory form languages of daily life. Ofcouse we all love to play a bit with our eyes when we those nipple monster get our attention. We made in total 9 nipple monster tee on back and white t-shirts.

Enjoy your n<ipple monster Tshirts.

Holy cross - nipple monster t-shirt, cross a line!

 CTRL - nipple monster t-shirt, we all love to control!

Moustache - nipple monster tee - nose nose nose!

 Electro - nipple monster t-shirt, electric tits!!

Cross - nipple monster t-shirt, strictly censored! 

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