woensdag 22 augustus 2012

Equestrian - Dead Horse handbag

'Equestrian - Dead horse handbag'
'Equestrian - Dead horse handbag' 

'Equestrian - Dead horse handbag'

'Equestrian - Dead horse handbag'
'Equestrian - Dead horse handbag'
'Equestrian - Dead horse handbag' - inside detail

 'Equestrian - Dead horse handbag' - details

Nono muaks is proud to present 'Equestrian - Dead horse handbag' inspired by the noble art of handbag ridding. This handbag is made out of a soft black fur, that almost feels real! For sure this handbag will be an eyecather in your next dress up. Bring up the dancing horses!

 Get your dead horse bag here!

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woensdag 8 augustus 2012


Playtime -Kick Eyes shades is an do it yourself concept! 
They are rigid paper glasses!

An ode to David Bowie and his influence on style and music.  

An ode to Karl lagerfeld, with is timeless black glasses.


A pussycat, it's cute and naughty!

Japanses Manga shades

An ode to Marilyn Monroe

Nono muaks is proud to present Kick Eyes DIY, a new concept of shades with a playful touch. Inspired by an open and closed eye/window see and don't see! These DIY shades are made of a stiff printed cardboard. Perfect for a special look(-alike) on a party or event. We currently made a collection of 12 different shades mixed with all what crossed our mind from fashion to art! 

We have pussycat, breaking the wall, pixel, for David, Dots, for Karl, Medusa, pop, for Marylin, New York - New York, China and Manga! 

Time to play! Time to Kick Eyes! 

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