Giving a gift has always been a personal experience throug the history. GiftVibes wants to offers you a creative experience trough our app and website where customizing your gift is super fun and easy. 

By using our gift customizer you can take a picture like a funny "selfie" and use this as a paper to wrap your gift. You can also take other crazy pics to wrap your gift in and make it look like something that only could come from you ; )

Customizing your gift makes every gift a 100% personal and unique.
Of course you can also upload picture that you found on the web to wrap your gift in. Any pattern, texture, picture can be used to make a gift. After experimenting a bit you will get the right effect to create a piece of art.
Wrap your gift by choosing:
1 - a shape: big box, heart, egg, round box, small box ...
2 - wrapping paper: take a picture or upload a paper
3 - adjust the ribbon colour

Check it out on: or download or AppStore